Creative Philosophy

  • Celebrating women in all their elegance and power in a manner that will also help connect the person with her inner self so that their personal style, glamour and refinement are drawn out effortlessly from within and delightfully expressed.
  • Each piece being designed with love and inspiration to send a message of love and compassion to the world.
  • Delighting customers with exquisitely high quality, dedicated craftsmanship, contemporary design flair and something indescribable that can only felt by the heart.

Vision & Mission

Being a messenger for Mother Nature, my purpose is to create a link between those precious gems with those who come in contact with the finished piece so as to enlighten the souls and assist in bringing more compassion, caring and sharing to the world. There is spirit and magical power embedded in the precious stones that are connected to Mother Nature. My mission is to give back what I received from nature to everyone I encounter.

Inspirational Themes

  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Journeys
  • Each touching moment of LIFE

Meet the Creator / Designer

Jessica Fong grew up in the country side of Hong Kong. Beauty of nature permeated her whole being and her ability to appreciate all its magnificence is incomparable. This invisible imprint from Mother Earth blended in her soul early on. It is no accident that her nickname is Butterfly Maiden.

“I believe that life is full of love, faith and hope, and that Nature brings us happiness, compassion and harmony”. Jessica took it as her charge to pass these powers on to everyone. Women being the feminine part of nature should also be appropriately appreciated and honored.

“I always see each lady as a distinctive flower and I have this urge to help her display her innate attractiveness in a way that is brilliant and yet comforting to her. My pieces are to invoke the joy for both the wearer and the beholders. ” Jessica’s creative work bears a higher mission which is beyond the grasp of the humble human mind.

For years, she has also been actively involved in social charity projects and organizations, such as Xuan Yuan Education Foundation. “Giving is receiving and as I receive, I want to give back”. In addition to offering her talents to serve her clients, Jessica serves the community at large both in Hong Kong and China.



Jessica Fong’s Jewellery is full of life since each piece is an expression of her spirit. In order to fully capture and reflect the essence of each piece of such creation, Jessica Fong’s craftsmen have to bring all their skills and techniques to play. They patiently craft all the motifs by hand and create the curves and twists that enliven the entire piece. The expert setters employ micro pave setting in order to magnify the sparkles of diamonds and the gems are perfectly set in delicate positions. Each process of making these fine jewelleries is dedicated with the heart and soul of everyone involved.

Charities & Corporate Social Responsibilities

We believe in giving back as we receive. As a member of our society, each of us should fulfill our responsibility so that it can be sustained and improved for the benefit of all. We support responsible jewellery practices from mining and all the way to the finished products.